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Join our Referral Program!

  • If you refer a friend, they will receive $50 off their first two months of regular tuition if they enroll, and you will also receive the next two months $50 off! 

    Must be a current USTA member to qualify for referrals.

Refer a Family

Message Sent to Friend:

You are referred by <Your Name> to try out martial arts classes at USTA Martial Arts in Lynden, WA!

We invite you to contact us and schedule your first trial classes by replying to this email or calling our location at (360) 922-0980.

Please let us know who referred you, and if enrolled after the trial, your family and the family that referred you will receive $50 off the first three months of tuition!

Martial Arts is a great way to stay in shape, improve lifestyle habits such as confidence, respect, motivation, and self-defense.  For our children students, martial arts is specifically designed to help them improve their listening, responsibilities, and school success while using martial arts training to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their lives.

Contact us today to schedule your trial period!

Thanks for submitting! We sent an email to your referral and will contact you if they sign up!&nbsp; When they enroll after their trial,&nbsp; your tuition will automatically be updated $50 for three months starting at your next billing cycle.

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