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  • Fill out the Request Form Below at least one week in advance!

  • Wait for USTA to call and confirm dates, times,  attendees, and party details!

  • Pay online via Credit prior to the party date OR
    Send payment (check: payable to "USTA") to:

    USTA Martial Arts-Lynden

    8132 Guide Meridian Rd
    Lynden, WA 98264

Party Request Form

To request a birthday party, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Current Member of USTA?

Want to Book a Party?


Student Member Extra Courses

Olympic Sparring (Preferred Green Belt and Up)

Olympic Sparring Class is for all children and adults students those who want to excel in sparring technique,
maintain sparring technique, and/or simply like to spar with more sparring partners. Each session is held for 3
Fridays every other month and is divided into three levels of sparring techniques:

- Olympic Class Level 1 covers bouncing, stepping, controlled kicking, and counter-attack techniques.

- Olympic Class Level 2 covers timing, balance, and advanced counter-attack techniques.

- Olympic Class Level 3 focuses on tournament level competitive sparring techniques.


Children and Black Belt Movie Nights

Movie Nights are an evening booked with fun games and activities, movies and a pizza party for children ages 7-12.  Current students are able to bring their friends to participate.

See our
yearly calendar for dates!

More Children, Little Tiger, and Adult/Teen Activities are available throughout the year!


USTA Demo Classes

Black Belt students are invited to join their regional demonstration team, a weekly seminar which teaches demonstrative techniques not found in other classes. Students work with each other and their demonstration coach to create a unique spectacle which integrates their individual martial arts talent into a cohesive show, and will eventually perform for audiences at belt ceremonies, Hanmadang, and public demonstrations.

The key goal of demonstration teams is to build teamwork and group cohesion. No single student stands above the rest, but every one has a chance to shine on their own. 


USTA Instructor & Judge Program

Once a USTA student has reached their black belt and is at least fifteen years old, they are eligible to join the USTA Instructor Program, an advanced set of curriculum that will eventually place them in control of the classes they began learning in.

This program provides access to two monthly expert-level classes which provide advanced training for their own techniques, as well as teaching leadership skills and human education methodology and interactions that will enable them to be successful in whatever career path they choose in life, including the opportunity to become full owners and operators of a USTA School.

seasonal activities

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